Relocating to Dehradun

Since our daughter could not get her MA admission in 2014 She took a year off to learn French Language in Alliance Francaise de Delhi at Lodhi Road.  In 2015 also admission to MA in Delhi University, JNU or Ambedkar University could not be secured.  As she did not want to lose another year, we started toying with the Idea of joining Visva Bharati University or Kalyani University and forms filled up and she got ready for tests.  In the meantime, Doon University in Dehradun on their website announced that a few seats in MA English were available through 'walk-in' interview.  So we thought why not take a chance here.  So she appeared for an interview and was selected.  She found the HOD of English Dept. to be very nice and she would be happy to study under her.  So we decided to get her admitted and stay in the Hostel before we could move out from Delhi to Dehradun.

In the meantime we started looking for rented accommodation through 'Dehradun Classified' ,99 and and finally we decided to take a house in Nehru Colony about 3 and half Km. from her University.  We shifted to Dehradun on 1st of Nov. 2015.  After about 30 years of stay in Delhi and Gurgaon we moved out to a new place, completely unknown. 

As my work done through internet and my friend cum boss had no objection to our being in Dehradun we could seamlessly moved out of Delhi with our household goods courtesy 'Agarwal  packers and movers'  After our coming here, our daughter decided to continue in Hostel because of certain logistic advantages.  She would come home on weekends or on holidays.  So she could enjoy the best of both life - Hostel and Home.

I kept going to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi branch on every alternative months and stay 5 to 7 days and devote my time in catching up with reading new books and Reception work.  I also talked to a number of visitors about philosophy of life and how one can live a better quality of life.

For the next one year we had to be at Dehradun till our daughter finished her MA study. The change of place may take place by August 2017 and really it did. The fourth Semester result came out by June end and she secured first class.  We suggested her to sit for NET examination that year itself. She was not willing saying she needed some break from the studies and we accepted her suggestions.  However after a few days she thought of it and decided to prepare for NET examination.  She looked for some coaching classes at Dehradun itself but could not find a qaulity one. Thus decided to go to Delhi for joining her coaching.  That changed our program completely.

We left Delhi on 6th of August, 2017 and stayed at Sri Aurobindo Ashram.  That was the time when the Ashram Trustee requested us to join the Ashram as volunteer.  My wife agreed and we committed for one year of volunteer service.  I opted for their Nainital Ashram as I love the Mountains as well as the incharge was a old friend of mine.

Between the months of August 2017 to 31st March 2018, we had to freequent to Delhi-Dehradun a number of times for different reasons. We kept on extending our rental contract with the landlady and finally we gave her a month's notice that we would be vacting the house by 31st March, 2018.  To finally wind up our Dehradun home, I left Nainital on 22nd night and Krishna left Delhi on 22nd Morning for Dehradun.  So the days between 23rd morning and 31st evening it was a race against time.  Moreover there were two days holidays on 29th and 30th March on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti and Good Friday.  Our work was to finally pay all dues to the landlady, collect our daughter's 4th Semester Mark Sheets, Migration Certificate and Provisional Certificate, surrender the BSNL Telephone, Indane gas connection, send household articles to Kalyani, my office articles to New Delhi and my personal articles to Nainital and visting cards and medicines to be sent to USA for whom I work from home. We had in total 9 days including one Sunday, two holidays.  So in effect only 6 days to complete all the assignments.

Friday, the 23rd March I prepared those visiting cards, bought medicine and kept the packets ready to be posted. Then I went to BSNL office to submit an application to disconnect our landline and internet connection by 28th March and to Indane Agency to know the process of surrender. We had to sort out things to be packed and things to be dicarded and left behind. We two became very busy sorting out things in addition to going to market and get grocery and vegetables and prepare food for both of us. Thus next Saturday and Sunday just went off flying.  Monday came I went to the post office to post those parcels to USA.  It took about 2 hours and food got ready.  In the meantime I contacted the University for our daughter's certificates.  We were told to come before 3 p.m. and collect them. We were before time there.  We had to wait for the lady who was to handover those marksheets for the 4th Semester Examination.  Finally we got them around 3.30 p.m. Then we had to collect the Provisional Certificate and Migration one.  We were directed to Examination wing and we made an application for those.  The lady who was writing the certificates found a mistake in my daughter's title.  No way could we bypass it, it was to be corrected and after a lot of consultation, it was finalised that we would go again on Wednesday about 3 p.m. to collect all certificates in one go. Of course one more application addressed to the Registrar for the issuance of Migration Certificate to be submitted to formally close the process.

That day the packers and movers sales manager was to come to give us an estimate.  However we could reach home before he came knocking. By the time he left us saying that things will be packed and loaded on truck on 29th March, it was 8 p.m. We had our dinner around 9 p.m. and got busy with my office work and sorting of articles.  Around 11O'clock we became free to go to bed.

Next day the Safe Express fellow came around 12 noon and took away 9 articles to Delhi completing the process at about 1.15p.m.

So two assignments were over by 26th March noon.  Next target was to send the bulk household articles on 29th so sorting out was done at a stretch.  Wednesday was the day to go to university to collect the certificates. On 29th morning when those packers were not turning up, I called them and I was told that it was on 30th things were to go and not on 29th March.  I insisted that those things must move by 29th night as we were running out of time.  Finally they gave in and their people came around 11.30 a.m. and started packing work.  The whole house turned into a war zone things scattered here and there. In between we had to take out lunch and direct them what to go in what carton.  When it was time to dismantle the Dish TV antena, they found it difficult to unscrue the parts from the wall. Our neighbour came to our rescue and helped with a spanner. That finally could open the guardian knot.  This marathon process went on till 1 a.m. when the process was completed and the truck left our home for its destination, Kalyani. Next day 30th was a holiday but we had 3 more important work to be finished. 31st was the last day in our hands.  First I went to Indane Gas agency to surrender our gas connection and got a transfer certificate.  Then surrending the BSNL telephone instrument. 

For the last consignement to Nainital to go, the packers came around 5 p.m. and it was over by 9 p.m. In the meantime our ticket to Delhi by 9.20 p.m. was not confirmed and we had to cancel the waitlisted tickets and book an ola cab for 11 p.m. In the meantime we wound up all other articles to go with us to Delhi.  By 10.30 p.m. we finished our dinner and waited for the cab to arrive.  It came finally at 11.30 p.m. For about an hour we were on the terrace enjoying the full moon. The breeze that blew across on the roof caressed our whole being on a full moon night gave a touching farewell of Dehradun sky perhaps for ever.

The house lady saw us off with a right frame of mind and we said good bye to Dehradun. It was 11.45 p.m.