Here is an estimate of infrastructure cost. There could be many more cost factors that have not been factored in. However this is a simple projection of cost.

The activities of the Institute will center around the Universal Temple for meditation. This will be a big dome like structure and a big hall to accommodate more than 100 people at a time for meditation. There will be no image or picture of any personality. Only the Himalayan view will be seen through a big oval shape glass pan, seeing God through nature.

A big hall for Yoga, spiritual retreats and discourses will be built to accommodate about 100 people. This hall will have lighting, audio visual arrangements.

A kitchen equipped with necessary articles and a Dinning hall where 120 people can eat at a time.

The Research Centre will comprise of a library and study tables. This Library will have all spiritual works of great personalities of the world. The emphasis will be on Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ma Sarada, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and Ramana Maharshi. Donations of books of these category are welcome.

A Book Stall will display the major works of all Indian spiritual personalities. This will be a small hall with sitting and reading arrangements. The Accounting section will also be situated in this hall.

Two dormatories and 50 rooms with attached bath will be built to house the guests and course participants.

Land for constructing all the above infrastructure, space for games, orchard and Miscellaneous requirements.

Land for football, cricket, volleyball, and indoor facility for table tennis and Badminton play.

This fund will be spent for day to day expenses like food, maintenance of Institute’s infrastructure.

The dedicated staff will be paid honorarium (a fixed monthly amount) by the Institute for their work done in the spirit of service.

A car and a jeep for Institute’s work and its maintenance with two driver.

A guest house will be built having 100 bed capacity in a dormitory fashion with 25 bath and 25 toilets. In addition to this there will be 10 single bed and 10 double and 10 triple bed rooms with attached bath & toilet to accommodate guests who will come for the spiritual retreats. Only spiritual aspirants will be allowed to stay in the guest house. Guests are welcome to stay for not more than 5 days. Only guests coming for spiritual retreat will be allowed to stay maximum 8 days.

To accommodate the staff working for the Institute there will be 20 full fledged quarters complete with attached bath and toilet.

A Medical Consultancy Centre will be built for consultancy, first aid , five beds for patients required to be kept under observation, Medicine bank.

This will be a fund  to meet the contingency requirements like cost escalation, emergency medical need, and other immediate requirements.

At present a very little fund is available with us. However, I am confident to build a corpus of 2 crores to meet the need of the Institute with blessings from Swami ji. In any case with dedicated young people we can go ahead with the scheduled program irrespective of fund availability.
Infrastructure details
Amount in Rupees (Rs.)
Land for Institute & Play ground
Universal Temple
Yoga Hall
Kitchen & Dinning Hall
Research Centre and Library
Book-stall and Accounts Dept.
Medical Consultancy Centre
Car / Jeep
Staff Quarters
Contingency Fund
Total cost
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- Fritjof Capra
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