If money help a man to do good to others, it is of some value; but if not, it is simply a mass of evil, and the sooner it is got rid of, the better.
Swami Vivekananda

"Eastern mysticism provides a consistent and beautiful philosophical framework which can accommodate our most advanced theories of the physical world."

- Fritjof Capra
Igniting fire in you.
We search for special individuals with leadership potential, rather than developing the leadership potential in everyone. Leadership is about creating new realities. Leadership is about learning how to shape the future. Nothing will change in the future without fundamentally new ways of thinking. This is the real work of leadership.

Peter Senge
Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.

Harry Truman
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead
I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

Ralph Nader
The conquest of the mind is the greatest of all conquests. It is the Divine Himself who appears as world, individual and the beyond. So abidance as the Divine at all times and in all places will result in conquering the mind. Then will you come to realize "All is the Divine; I am that Self;" and you will attain the natural state.

"Life is a ceaseless struggle for perfection, freedom and independence."

- Swami Vivekananda
We will not build any infrastructure.  We will use required places on rent depending upon our necessity.  As Infrastructure maintenance takes away a lot time with its related issues. 

Our focus will mainly be on the core subject of selfless living courses.