We had been toying with the idea of visiting Murshidabad, Kolkata, Bishnupur and Shantiniketan for a long time.  But before we could figure out the itinerary and adjust available days in winter during our daughter's college holidays, a number of years were added to our age.  Myself and my wife reached the senior citizenship status thus the exuberance and enthusiasm that used to be a part of our tour declined gradually.  We were not so excited that earlier we used to be.  However, one aspect gave us relief is that our trainfare became almost half thus reducing our travelling cost.

On 15th of December, 2012 we left Delhi for Kolkata by Sealdah Rajdhani.  Next day we reached in Sealdah from here we took a train for Chakdah, being the native place of Krishna, my wife specially she wanted to meet her monther who recovered from the severe health problem. We reached Chakdaha around 2 p.m. We were to stay there for 2 days, 16th, 17th and on 18th leave for Murshidabad.  The two days passed off quietly and on 18th morning we left for Mushidabad.  We had a train reservation so there was no problem to commute.  The most interesting as well as trouble some side of this journey was that the 'Hawkers' were passing through the compartment endlessly.  There was never a time when no one was present.  Some people also came with loud speakers singing songs and marketing their products.

We reached Murshidabad and stayed for 3 days seeing those historical places about which I will write a separate article.  From Murshidabad we went to Kolkata stayed for 2 days and from Kolkata to Bishnupur and spent 3 days before we left of Bolpur-Shantineketan by bus via Sonamukhi and Durgapur.

At the Bolpur bus stop we alighted and took two ricksaws to take us to Park Guest House across the Visva Bharati University.  This park guest house was booked over internet paying Rs. 12,000/- for 3 nights inclusive of food.  It was a very clean two bedroom apt. like but little small in area but compensated by good arrangements of things and spotlessly clean.

We got a copy of the mela days programme and accordingly we attended most of it related to the Visva Bharati University. The program on 25th Dec. was the most interesting one.  The young boys and girls sang Ravindira Sangeet and reading out some passages from his writtings was a very elevating and inspiring program. I also had a duty to record the even on a video camera.  Theunversity has a big campus, faculties, hostels, playgrounds, exhibitions, book selling center, Canteen and we went round the campus on foot.  There are few trees we could see that existed during Rabindranath Thakur's time.

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