We reached our hotel around 2 p.m. We were booked at the Hotel by name 'Tiger's Den'  run by the Rajasthan Tourism dev. Corp.  The lunch was ready and we too were hungry enough to do justice to the Buffet lunch. Around 3.30 we left for the Reserve forest.  Our hotel was at the entry point of the forest.  So very soon we were in open jeeps driving through the forest.  Our guide did stop us at a number of places to show the pug marks of tigers but all the tigers in unison planned to hide themselves from our view, I suppose. Thus we had to be satisfied by seeing only a few Nilgai, chinkara, wild boar, hare and a number langurs and birds.

In the evening we were back to our hotel and had a camp fire and the seniors with hard drink stayed on by it till 12 midnight. The night sky was wonderfully a starlit one.  Many of our colleagues in the group sat away from camp fire and discussed about the trip and of course little of PNPC while sipping cold drinks and snacks. As the dinner was ready around 10 p.m. a few of us had it and went to bed.  In each room we two colleagues stayed.  
In the early morning I was up and after morning ablutions, went around the hotel  with a colleague of mine, Prasad.  It is a very large complex having more than 50 double bedded rooms.  After finishing our breakfast, we headed for the Lake palace hotel about 20 k.m. from where we were staying.  We got into the bus and travelled upto the base of the hotel  and walked up to the open balcony hanging over the lake.  Here is a little history about the Lake palace.
Siliserh Lake is situated in north eastern part of Rajasthan, Lake was built by maharaja Vinay Singh in year 1845 ,The Lake and reservoir of Siliserh was created by Maharaja for people of Alwar, Because water can be channeled to Alwar city A beautiful Lake palace was also built by Maharaja for his beloved wife Shila, It was used as Lake palace and hunting lodge.

Siliserh Lake is situated just 13 Kms from Alwar city and also can be used as stop over before you move on to Sariska Tiger Reserve / Sariska National Park. The Lake is so beautiful that every one wants to stay for some more time. It provides option for stay with a breath taking view of 10.5 Kms lake, Beautiful back drops of Aravali hills adds to its beaut , One can spend many hours by just having a look at the lake from the Terrace of Lake Palace.

In fact the view from the hotel terrace is one of the most marvelous view I had ever seen. There was also a continuous breeze blowing around and it was so soothing that one felt to be in a heavenly abode. I was thinking why our company did not book this hotel for our stay.  The reason was the cost and paucity of accommodation to lodge such a big group like ours comprising 100 people. 
We all went down to the lake and in groups had our boat riding.  It was really enjoyable and soothing.  Totally we spent about 4 hours at the Silisar lake palace before we went back to our hotel  for our lunch. Lunch was sumptuous and we had no other alternative than to rest for a while.  Evening tea at the lawn and then we were ready to pack off and start for Delhi.

On our return journey we were left with a number of bear bottles.  A whip was declared that not even a single bottle should go back to delhi unused.  So it was free for all to consume as much one could and get drunk.   This was all done in front of our Managing Direct  and he drank and kept quiet.  This could be the beginning of the end of this company which later sold out to another big finance company.

Our finance company used to arrange a two day picnic every year and in the year 1992 it was decided to be in Sariska.  Sariska in Rajasthan is famous for a Tiger reserve forest where one could see tigers,  and other animals freely roaming about. It is about 200 kms. from Delhi.

During that year I was living in Gurgaon and I informed the office that I would board the bus from the IFFCO crossing.  In those days this crossing used to be quite a deserted one unlike now after the introduction of Metro services. This crossing has changed beyond recognition. At home I could find only a big VIP suitcase which was bigger than necessary.  So when I boarded the bus at the crossing, everyone laughed thinking what I was carrying in that big suitcase.  The journey to Sariska was full of fun and frolic, eating chips drinking cold drinks and the matured ones consummed rum.  The young one started 'Antakshory' singing popular Hindi songs.  The journey was quite enjoyable driving through countryside.