This word is a very familiar one. It has become a part and parcel of our daily life.  There is no field in life where it does not have access. It is a way of life .  We discuss politics, we blame our politicians to be most corrupt.  We talk about police force , traffic police and govt. officials and it is well known to all  how easily they have settled with corruption . The builders who are creating exclusive townships, consumes a lot of black money from the buyers.  As per estimates about 60% black money goes into  buying and selling of land, apartments, houses, Farm houses, factories etc.

We think we ourselves happen to be honest, hardworking and conscientious citizen of this great land.  Tarry a little.  See how corrupt we ourselves are.  If you are owning a computer, I am sure you have pirated programs on it. The statistics is that about 90% computers in India are running on pirated programs.  This is corruption number 1.

You want your children to be admitted in a school of repute, and you donate a lot of money for the improvement of the school.  How good the idea is!  What is the motive?  To get your children admitted.  Corruption no. 2

You want your young son/daughter to do MBA.  Except the A graded B-schools, all 2nd grade and below accept huge donation, again in the form of development fees.  This is also true in case of Engineering, medicine, and all higher education courses. Corruption No. 3

If you own a car I am sure you park it on the footpath blocking pedestrian walkways and you claim this space to be your own.  If necessary, you fight with your neighbor to prove your ownership.  You do not pay for your parking. Corruption no. 4

You want, ration card, driving license, passport, even visa, people  resort to short cuts. Use 'Pay and get channel', no hassles, no identification.  This is corruption no. 5

You pay income tax, hardly.  If you are an employee  in a company, you cannot escape, it will be deducted at source.  But if you are a doctor, lawyer, businessman or in any independent profession, you expoit all the available  routes to minimize  impact and pay only a miniscule, if at all.  This is corruption no. 6

The electrical meter, water meter you tamper with an insider and you pay him a little so that your meters do not show the actual consumption.  You are permitted 1 AC to run, you run 4 to 5 ACs.  You know your meters are not running, you do not report it to the authorities. You just let it go on. This is corruption number 7.

For your medical bill, TA you submit fictitious bills to claim your entitled benefits.  This is corruption number 8.

The price of your apartment/house/ land  in Govt. record shows about 40% of the value and you pay house tax on that value but actually you know the market rate. This is corruption no. 9

In case, unfortunately, you may have to visit Govt. run hospital, I bet you will be at sea without any connection. We use our influence, cutting short the serpentine line, to reach to the doctor.  If you are a so called VIP (using unfair influence) flouting all rules of the hospital, you are allotted preferred treatment.  Corruption no. 10. 

We all use some way or the other the corrupt way just to gain a little benefit. We argue that this little does not matter.  Add all that of every citizen of this country, it will come to few billions!

And you say only politicians are corrupt!